SmartKid - Entertaining Letters

Learning the alphabet is not science. This is what your children will be taught using the educational program SmartKid - Entertaining Letters. This program, thanks to an engaging user interface, easy usage, and an audio guide throughout the entire educational process is available to all children who want to learn the letters of the alphabet.



Download the full version for free! After installation you can use the program for a limited period of time as a trial version. The trial version does not have any restrictions in comparison with the full version. Therefore you can try all features of the program before you decide to buy the full version.

Name Version Size Download
SmartKid - Entertaining Letters 1.04 9.8 MB download


Download the full version and try four free learning topics (house, kitchen, food and human body). If you are satisfied, you can buy the activation key for access to the other topics.

Name Version Size Download
EasyLanguage - German 2.09 45.3 MB download
EasyLanguage - Spanish 2.09 17.8 MB download
EasyLanguage - French 2.09 16.9 MB download